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Why Choose Ravelli?

Ravelli stoves have some of the finest design features, and are among the most ecologically friendly modern stoves available.
Ravelli are on the cutting edge of design and product research, guaranteeing the highest quality and performance, while at the same time respecting the environment.

The Ravelli Lab,develops its own ideas starting from collaborative plans that come out the union of Professionals, Universities and young designer, because believes that innovation represents an indispensable opportunity for the development of the company.  Ravelli Certifications

Ravelli range of Air pellet stoves    

Natural Convection Pellet Stoves

Efficiency and silence - The perfect stove

In our new models of pellet stoves this system is particularly pronounced, since the body of the stove has been carefully designed to ensure maximum circulation of hot air, thus generating higher performance compared with our conventional pellet stoves with forced ventilation.

The great advantage of this technology is definitely comfort and in particular, silence. Through the convective motion it has been possible to eliminate forced ventilation, which ensures a high level of silence.

Natural 7

Natural 9 
Natural 11

Heats 135mts³


Heats 160mts³


Heats 185mts³


Heats 300mts³


Heats 270mts³

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Alfa S
 Output 6.5Kw
  Dual 7
Output 7kw
  Dual 9
  Output 9Kw
  Output 8Kw
Alfa natural convection pellet stove   Alfa S natural convection pellet stove   Dual 7 natural convection stove   Dual 9 natural convection pellet stove   Olimpia natural convection pellet stove
Heats 140mts³   Heats 140mts³   Heats 160mts³   Heats 185mts³   Heats 180mts³
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Forced Ventilation Pellet Stoves

Ravelli Air,ventilated stoves

Ravelli Air, a range that gives you a wide choice to suit your style and taste. From the traditional look to something sleek and modern, the ventilated pellet stove will ensure your room is always warm at your desired time. With automatic, electronically managed systems your Air stove will transform any room.

R 70
Aurora Glass
R 70 2.5 - 7.0   RV 80 2.8 - 8.0   Ravelli Aurora Glass  Pellet Stove 3.3 to 12.00 Kw      
Heats 190mt3    Heats 215mt3   Heats 325mt3     Heats 325mt3    

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Rv 110 pellet stove 11kw
Heats 340mt³
  Heats 325mt3            
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Pellet Ducted Stoves

Ravelli Ducted pellet stoves

Ducted stoves have a system of ducts that convey the hot air to other rooms in the house adjacent to the one in which the stove is installed, thus obtaining a more uniform circulation of the heat inside the home. In the most modern stoves you can choose the amount of air to allocate to heating the room in which the stove is installed (front air) and the quantity of air to be allocated to ducting (rear air).

R 70
Output 10Kw
Aurora Glass
Output 12Kw
Ravelli R70 Ducted Pellet Stove 2.5 - 8.0   OLIVIA STEEL 2.8 - 8.0   Ravelli Snellina Ducted Pellet Stove 3.3 to 10.0 Kw   Ravelli Aurora Glass Ducted Pellet Stove 4.9 to 12.00 Kw    
Heats 215mt³   Heats 215mt³   Heats 250mt3   Heats 325mt3    

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Output 11Kw
  Output 9Kw
   Infinity ducted wood pellet stove with self cleaning burner  

Manual Flow
Heats 325mt³    Heats 200mt³             

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Pellet Inserts Stoves

Ravelli Insert Pellet Stoves

The Box Line  functioning principle is the same as the traditional fireplace, except that it is a closed fireplace fitted with a wide glass door that allows the flame to be seen well. The advantage is the capacity to minimise any heat loss, allowing greater efficiency and lower emissions of polluting gases. The inserts are easy to install in already-existing fireplaces increasing their yield as much as 3 or 4 times and making full use of space.

      R-1000 Box
Output 10Kw
    Rcv1000 box
Output 10Kw
    R 1000 Inset Stove 2.5 - 10.0            
Manual Box
    Heats 270mt³   Heats 270mt³        

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 Pellet Boiler Stoves

Ravelli Pellet Boiler Stoves

Boiler Stoves  act in three ways: they produce hot water for radiators domestic hot water, they use the heat of the stove body that passes into the room by radiation. Ravelli boiler stoves can heat homes up to 250 square meters, and are equipped with 25 kg to 45kg fuel tanks to allow maximum independence with efficiency of over 90%.The burning fire also creates a pleasant atmosphere and a more intimate, relaxing domestic setting.

Hrv160 Touch
Output 20Kw

Hrv160 Touch
       Output 25Kw

  Hrv100 Touch
Output 13Kw
  Hrv140 Touch
Output 19Kw
Ravelli HRV 160 Pellet Boiler Stove 16.0 H2O - 20.0Kw     ravelli pellet boiler stove Hrv140 Touch self cleaning burner    
hrv 100 touch pellet boiler stove with automatic cleaning system
    ravelli pellet boiler stove Hrv140 Touch self cleaning burner    
Heats 430mt³   Heats 550mts³    Heats 290mts³   Heats 410mts³  
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Output 20Kw


HRB 160 -16.0 H2O - 20.0Kw              
Heats 430mt³              
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Wood Burning Stoves

For centuries families have been meeting around the hearth, an expression of unity and the home nucleus. In winter evenings children used to ask their mothers or grandmothers to tell them a story and they used to listen carefully to tales about fairies and the sons of kings. Years later, the magic of the fireplace has returned: the retro charm of wood-burning stoves has been rediscovered and adapted to the most modern technologies, becoming a furnishing accessory that is also suitable for the most modern settings.

Output 8Kw
  Dawn Steel
Output 8Kw

Output 8Kw
  Lia steel
Output 8Kw
sunrise-wood-burning-stove   Dawn-wood-burning-stove   Lia-wood-burning-stove   Lia-steel-wood-burning-stove
Heats 180mt³      Heats 180mt³      Heats 180mt³     
Heats 180mt³

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How a pellet stove works                  

The design shows how a pellet stove works, highlighting its main components.


When the stove is switched on, the flame lights following the combined action of three elements:
1. air, that enters the stove via a primary air input duct (19) and reaches the burner (17)
2. the pellet, that is taken from the hopper (3) and poured into the burner (17) via the screw
3. the resistance, that activates combustion as it heats up
Combustion generates smoke which, coming into contact with the exchanger (5), releases all its heat. The released heat is then conveyed to the room through the hot air output front grill (10)*. The combustion smoke then continues to circulate through the smoke duct (4), before being expelled by the extractor (6)
The whole mechanism is monitored by an electronic board fitted with a microprocessor which, by means of the various sensors and probes inside the stove, regulates the air flow and feed so as to optimise combustion.
* In this case, since the stove is ducted, the hot air also passes through the rear (2) before being conveyed to the adjacent rooms. The quantity of front and rear air is regulated by a lever (1)
1. Front/rear air switching lever 2. Rear air output pipe 3. Pellet hopper 4. Smoke flue 5. Tube heat exchanger 6. Smoke extractor 7. Graphic Display 8. Majolica top 9. Humidifier tray 10. Front hot air exit grate 11. Glass-cleaning air duct 12.Steel flame guard 13. Glass-ceramic window, heat resistance 750°C 14.Firex 600 15. Stainless steel high temperature burner 16. Primary air intake 17.Ash pan 18. Majolica sides
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