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Tonwerk T-SKY Storage Stove Wins at the Plus X awards 2013

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Tonwerk T-SKY Storage Stove Wins at the Plus X awards 2013

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Whilst traditional open fireplaces and stoves tend to overheat the room very quickly, leaving it cold equally rapidly as soon as the fire burns out, a Tonwerk Storage Stove is able to store heat deep within and graduallyrelease it back into the room over several hours. At the heart of every Tonwerk Storage Stove there is an integral storage core made from highly heat-conductive,fireproof stone. When the wood burns, over 60% of the energy produced is captured by the core, stored up and then slowly released back into the environment. This reduces direct heat emission to a comfortable level, and the room does not overheat too quickly. Gradually and in a controlled manner, the heat stored in the core is released via the stone cladding in the form of healthy radiant heat, thereby keeping the ambient temperature cosy and snug over many hours. And the low stove surface temperature ensures that dust-bearing circulating air is reduced to a minimum, so allergy sufferers can breathe easy.
Thanks to low wood consumption and optimum heat release, Tonwerk Storage Stoves provide considerable added value. No wonder, then, that this mode of heating is now also widely used in modern residential developments. The storage core principle makes Tonwerk Storage Stoves perfect for low-energy housing – either as the main source of heating or as an additional boost when needed. Take the T-LOFT PLUS

 Innovative Heating principle

The heart of a Tonwerk storage heating stove is the ceramic storage core (6) of ultra heat-conducting, refractory stone. When wood burns this core absorbs and retains over 60% of the released energy which it later emits slowly back to the environment as radiated heat (10). The stove's direct emission of heat is therefore reduced to a pleasant rate of radiation, and the room does not quickly overheat as a result. The radiated heat (10) keeps the temperature at a feel good level for many hours. At the same time the low surface temperature causes less air and dust turbulence – and allergy sufferers can breathe freely.

In the ceramic combustion chamber (2) of the Tonwerk storage heating stove the wood burns from top to bottom (3). In the integrated afterburner zone (4) the combustible gases are again burned. Flue gas emissions are therefore minimised. The supply of external combustion air (1) assures the optimal burning efficiency.
The handcrafted outer panelling (9) of the Tonwerk storage heating stove is available in various colours and textures. This in combination with the various stove models can give your Tonwerk storage heating stove that individual touch.

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During the cold winter months, when opportunities to get out and soak up the sun’s rays are rare, a warm, cosy environment under our own roof is so important for both our physical and mental well-being. Winter is a time when many people would love to be able to sit round a fire with others and enjoy the sense of peace that accompanies this fascinating natural source of energy. Wood-burning stoves are making a comeback for all these reasons, often becoming the focal point of family life in the winter. But traditional wood stoves have one major failing: they cannot provide both the radiant heat we love and the pleasant view of an open fire. Whilst an open fire or a chimney stove will temporarily warm up the air in your room (convection heating), neither will ever be able to generate a pleasant, constant level of warmth for any length of time. You should also bear in mind that as the air heats up and rises, it will also stir up particles of dust, dust mites, bacteria and viruses – which you then inhale.
Not so with the gentle radiant heat from a Tonwerk Storage Stove, which will radiate a constant, balanced supply of heat rays throughout the entire room, keeping the temperature comfortable and cosy for hours at a time. And less dust is disturbed in the process because there is no movement of air – an important consideration for children and those with allergies.

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