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Jetmaster Exceptional fires & built-in barbecues…

Whenever good friends get together a Jetmaster fire creates the essential welcoming warmth to enhance any gathering.

Jetmaster open fires aren’t only open wood fires, they’re also multi-fuel open fires too! With our multi-fuel basket you can choose the fuel that’s right for you — whether you burn a mixture of coal and wood, solid mineral fuels, peat or smokeless fuels — all our open fires are multi-fuel when you use a basket grate.

Jetmaster has been hand-building stylish and efficient, smoke-free fireboxes for wood, coal or gas since 1951 and there are over 750,000 enthusiastic Jetmaster owners worldwide. Ask around, we are happy to rely on their recommendation.

Jetmaster Efficient Open Convector Fires

The Jetmaster allows you to have of a real fire but with the efficiency of a system that has adapted itself to the demands of the   modern world for cleanliness and heat efficiency.
Whichever fuel you burn - wood, coal, smokeless fuel, natural gas or bottled    gas - you'll find cleaner and more effective with its unique Convector systems generating at least twice the heat of an ordinary open or decorative fire.


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Jetmaster Efficient Open Convector Fires

Fires can be fitted in any standard fireplace Sizes from 16" up to 40", there is a model to suit all requirements  Jetmaster universal open fires are approved by Gastec and are listed by HETAS on the list of approved appliances. The Jetmaster Universal fire with a net efficiency of 55% has been approved as a wood burner; this is the first open fire to achieve this. Jetmaster’s duel heating system where convected air is heated through a separate chamber, this coupled with traditional radiant heat offers a fantastic heat output, with all the ambiance of on open fire. Standing air losses are also reduced as the Jetmaster fires has a damper mechanism that closes the fire down to within 3% of the flue opening when the fire is not in use, once again also improving the efficiency within the home.  All of this along with Jetmaster’s NO SMOKE GUARANTEE is bound to make Jetmaster a popular choice with builders, architects and homeowners alike.
Wood fuel fires & Carbon efficiency

Burning wood on an open fire is almost carbon neutral as the carbon emitted from the wood burn is carbon that was originally captured during the growth of the tree used.

Jetmaster inset stoves
Inset Stoves
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